Book Binding Method

- Dec 04, 2017-

Book Binding Method

This news just wanna to let you know the binding methods we often use now.

1. Saddle Stitching

The pages of book rely on two fixed wire pins, and the wire is similar to the "T" - shaped of the usual book. The cost of saddle stitching book is very lower, the price is relatively cheap, and the simple craft, so the production speed is fast.

This binding method is suitable for the less pages book. And the whole book thickess is less than 6mm.

Kid story book22.jpg

2. Prefect Binding

The Prefect Binding is a also a good binding ways. But it is hard to see the the content if the binding place have words. But it is cheaper.

softcover book031.jpg

3. Sewing Binding

There are more USES for this type of binding. The book can see the printed content on both sides, not affect the reading, and the firm degree is higher, leaf pages are not removed many times. But such binding takes longer and relatively high cost. The staple is the binding of dictionaries.

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