Is It Difficult To Print Books In Beijing?

- Dec 11, 2017-

This year, the printing capacity of printed books in Beijing in particular is in short supply, mainly from two reasons:

The first is "undoing".

The core strategy of the non-capital city is the core strategy of Beijing's transformation and development. In the four years between 2017 and 2020, the special action of "promoting the improvement and promotion of relief" will be vigorously promoted throughout the city.

For example, in books and periodicals printing, small and medium enterprises locate, ushered in the clean up storm in August this year, the "unlicensed unlicensed and beyond illegal behavior of companies such as operation, long-distance operation", "full certificates but no eia approval and acceptance of enterprise", requirement on production shutdown before August 4, and within 10 days after the production shutdown at all.

The clean-up resulted in the closure of a number of printing companies and a slim reduction in the printing capacity of Beijing books and periodicals.

The second is "environmental protection".

A week ago, Beijing announced the fifth revision of the "Beijing air pollution emergency plan, compared with the former version, manufacturing enterprise production limit production standards from orange to yellow warning early warning.

And then released industrial points "Beijing heavy air pollution emergency plan (revised in 2017), the list of city air pollution emergency enterprise compared to last year one-time increased by more than 500, a total of 712, which has more than 100 printing and packaging enterprises, many books and periodicals printing companies in the column.

This means that fewer and fewer companies can print books and face the possibility of limited production in their daily operations, which can be discounted by the volume and delivery of books that Beijing can undertake.

Has been suffering from low-priced, vicious competition of books and periodicals printing enterprise, now you can choose to live, can have a little voice, can not help for the people to think about, whether YinChang status on the reverse, the party a by party b, which represent the stand of 1980 s?

According to the author, the answer is not optimistic, not at that time.

The printing market after the reform and opening up in the last century has a severe shortage of printing power.

And today's printing tension force, just regional, especially concentrated in Beijing - the most concentrated, the publishing resources for environmental governance, core function and relief of capital leads to tight production areas.

Therefore, the phenomenon of Beijing, with distinct regional and periodic characteristics.

How to respond?

Companies in Beijing, stay alive, has become the most important thing, to live means HuoYuan and opportunity, and can survive in the process of optimizing structure of customer, strengthen physical health, more long-term capital live.

Adjacent regional enterprises, actively undertaking production capacity, can become strategic targets, it is said that shandong has started the company to start the action.

For large enterprise groups with capital strength and national layout, the trend of Beijing's regional market can also be a consideration of its strategic layout.

However, the change of the printing market in Beijing has a window period.

A rebalancing of supply and demand will take time, but supply and demand will strike a rebalancing in limited time.

In the limited window period, it is important to be able to obtain business opportunities, the speed of response is important, and strategic vision is also important.

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